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How Google Author Rank Will Impact B2B Marketing

Author Rank by Google is going to become a competitive differentiator for B2B companies who care about organic search in their sales and marketing efforts. Why? In many industries, B2B selling relies heavily on the people who meet with customers, establish relationships and credibility, and ultimately sell products, services and solutions to buyers. Author Rank makes changes the results that people see in Google, and the information that is displayed in the results. And anyone who relies on personal relationships to sell or market needs to understand the changes.

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3 Ways to Keep People From Stealing Your Content

The team at Convince and Convert wrote today about the widespread problem of plagiarism in social media, and the problem will only continue to worsen as more people produce more content on the public web. Here are three strategies you can take, to ensure you get the returns that you deserve for your original content work.

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