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Using Employees to Demo Your Products. Brilliant!

Sabrina Stoffregen has been running Intel’s employee advocacy program globally, since its inception. She brings amazing perspective as the leader of a program that is far ahead of most programs in this space. We are very lucky to have her sharing lessons from her program at the September 15 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta. Below […]

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Interview With Employee Advocacy Summit Speaker: Liz Bullock

At the 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta this September, Liz Bullock will share lessons, methods and cases from some of the world’s largest employee advocacy deployments. She worked on social programs at Dell for 3 years and now runs a consultancy called the Social Arts and Science Institute, which helps large brands train employees […]

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Your Employee Advocacy Program Needs a Plan for Negative Posts

If your employee advocates encounter a negative post about your brand, would they know how to handle it? Certainly, the first step in ensuring that your employees are prepared, is to ensure that your professional communicators are prepared. So, make a plan that thoughtfully incorporates your marketers, PR and your employee advocates, before negative posts […]

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Updates to the Buyer’s Guide for Employee Advocacy Software

Since publishing the Buyer’s Guide for Employee Advocacy Software in March, I made the following updates, in chronological order: Clarified requirements for “API” scoring Added Sprinklr and combined with Dachis Group, due to acquisition Clarified the fact that no one vendor has everything that is needed to run an employee advocacy program because (1) no […]

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Can Employee Advocacy Save You From Facebook Pay-to-Play?

Facebook now forces brands to pay in order to reach the Fans they developed over that past few years. As one example, Chris Penn estimated that, “Facebook is averaging about $.38 per 100 fans in sponsored post fees in order to reach all of your audience. If you have 5000 fans, expect to spend about $19 per post.” One alternative wold be to have your employees participate in sharing your brand content or messages. How much can we expect that to close that gap for a brand?

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