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Sprinklr Opens the Door to Real ROI in Social Media

This post is co-authored by Chris Boudreaux and Constantin Basturea. After years of brands enduring disconnected social media point solutions and endless debate about the ROI of social media, Sprinklr recently announced a path forward. With their new $1 billion valuation, and today’s acquisition of Get Satisfaction, they are well on their way to being […]

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Using Employees to Demo Your Products. Brilliant!

Sabrina Stoffregen has been running Intel’s employee advocacy program globally, since its inception. She brings amazing perspective as the leader of a program that is far ahead of most programs in this space. We are very lucky to have her sharing lessons from her program at the September 15 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta. Below […]

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Your Employee Advocacy Program Needs a Plan for Negative Posts

If your employee advocates encounter a negative post about your brand, would they know how to handle it? Certainly, the first step in ensuring that your employees are prepared, is to ensure that your professional communicators are prepared. So, make a plan that thoughtfully incorporates your marketers, PR and your employee advocates, before negative posts […]

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Can Employee Advocacy Save You From Facebook Pay-to-Play?

Facebook now forces brands to pay in order to reach the Fans they developed over that past few years. As one example, Chris Penn estimated that, “Facebook is averaging about $.38 per 100 fans in sponsored post fees in order to reach all of your audience. If you have 5000 fans, expect to spend about $19 per post.” One alternative wold be to have your employees participate in sharing your brand content or messages. How much can we expect that to close that gap for a brand?

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Overcoming Information Overload for Employee Advocates in Social Media

If you have a problem that persists for a very long time, maybe it’s not a problem. Maybe it’s a fact. That is information overload: a fact that isn’t going away. And anyone managing an Employee Advocacy program needs to think about how you will help your employee advocates deal with the persistent problem of […]

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Why You Need to Implement Google Author Rank Now

Right around the same time that Google+ was introduced in June 2011, Google formally announced the Google authorship program, where authors could link their content to a Google+ profile and identify it to Google in search rankings. But the idea of ranking Internet authors actually goes back much further, according to Mark Traphagen, director of […]

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Announcing New Software Buying Guide: Social Employee Enablement and Employee Advocacy Software

With so many companies now investing in programs to empower their employees as brand advocates in social media, the number of software vendors pitching the space is increasing quickly. To help you understand the vendors in this space, we are publishing a Software Buying Guide for Social Employee Enablement and Employee Advocacy.

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