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Why You Need to Implement Google Author Rank Now

Right around the same time that Google+ was introduced in June 2011, Google formally announced the Google authorship program, where authors could link their content to a Google+ profile and identify it to Google in search rankings. But the idea of ranking Internet authors actually goes back much further, according to Mark Traphagen, director of […]

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Announcing New Software Buying Guide: Social Employee Enablement and Employee Advocacy Software

With so many companies now investing in programs to empower their employees as brand advocates in social media, the number of software vendors pitching the space is increasing quickly. To help you understand the vendors in this space, we are publishing a Software Buying Guide for Social Employee Enablement and Employee Advocacy.

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The Key to Actionable Insights: And an Approach That Works

Since the dawn of social media listening, tool vendors have claimed that, unlike all of their competitors, THEIR tool can provide the actionable insights that you so desperately crave. But it simply is not true. Perhaps their tool, combined with skilled people, can do the trick. But the answer to your desire for actionable insights can never be solved by any tool alone.

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There is No “Right” Answer to Outsourcing Tweeting

A lot of people think that a brand must own all aspects of social media listening. People fear that outsourcing even a part of the engagement process (i.e., listening) would take away the authenticity which is supposed to be the pixie dust of social media. People wonder how they would build an authentic, direct relationship with customers or stakeholders if they outsource some of the process.

While relationship-building can not be outsourced, we should ask ourselves which parts of the social media engagement process really do build the relationship. Here’s a hint: listening is not the critical part that you have to execute with internal employees, and this post explains why.

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Don’t Allocate Social Resources According to Brand Mentions. Focus on Value

Digiday recently wrote that “Twitter dominates brand conversations”, based on upon the observation by Burson-Marsteller that more than half of Fortune 100 brand mentions in a month occurred on Twitter [1].  But counting brand mentions is not the same as counting business value. In fact, resources should be allocated according to the relative value of each social venues, not the relative volume of brand mentions.

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