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Data You Can Gather Through Social Sign-on

B2B and B2C marketers are using social sign-on features to gather more data about the people who engage with their web properties — for example, letting people complete a lead-gen form or contest submission by logging-in with their Facebook or LinkedIn ID.

But a lot of marketers do not understand the data that is available through social sign-on, so Eloqua created a simple graphic to show the types of data that are available to a marketer when visitors use their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn credentials to access an offer, shown below:

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3 New Ways to Help Teams Create Compelling Content

Governance is much more than policy. Governance means: making good decisions, making them quickly, and making them stick. In the domain of content development, most marketing or communications teams feel challenged to decide which content they should create, and how much of it to create. When your team is working to determine new content to […]

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Facebook Offers Identify Verification to Members With Lots of Subscribers

TechCrunch recently announced that Facebook is inviting users with the most subscribers to verify their accounts and display a preferred nickname. In addition to establishing trust with new Fans, verification is also intended to help facebook members find verified accounts more easily. Verified users will be able to change their displayed name to a pseudonym. […]

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How Moms Use Smart Phones

52% of Moms use their smartphone within 5 minutes of waking in the morning, and 28% of Moms say they would not give up their smart phone in exchange for pay — even for a day. Moms use Android phones more than 3 times as often as iPhones, (although the survey provides no insight across […]

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Publishers Finding Success With Facebook Open Graph Integration

Facebook reports that publishers using new Open Graph features announced at f8 in September are seeing significant traffic increases, impression growth, and app installs that are reaching new audiences for the publishers. A few data points: More Traffic: 600% increase in traffic coming from Facebook after 10 million people turned on the social news experience […]

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