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Dear, CIO: Please Come Out of Your Foxhole

Michael Maoz of Gartner recently wrote that CIOs can only shake their heads when marketing, sales and services leaders are able to obtain funding for social media projects without a business case, instead of being held accountable for the same level of quantitative rigor as other IT-enabled investments. While it is true that most social […]

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Affluent Americans More Likely to Follow When Brand Mentioned in Article or Ad

Affluence Collaborative recently released data comparing the reasons that affluent Americans follow brands on social networks, compared to the general population. I indexed the data to create the chart below, and it looks like: Affluent Americans are more prone to following a brand when the brand’s social account is mentioned in an article or ad. […]

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Clay Shirky on Social Media Theory and Drupal

Clay Shirky teaches Social Media Theory and Practice at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and recently described the ways that social media are changing how websites are architechted and built. Listen to the recording on Drupal Voices. Some of his points include the following: When we see technology characteristics that are significantly different than what we […]

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