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Thinking Differently About Adoption of Internal and External Social Apps

The Executive Board recently published this chart showing enterprise user adoption versus enterprise deployment of various technologies, including “social networking”. (click chart to view larger image on the Executive Board site) When they mention social networking, the authors seem to describe deployment of internal social applications for collaboration (judging by the slash it shares with […]

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Trend Curation Creates Opportunities for Marketers

by Adam Edwards and Chris Boudreaux In yesterday’s Business Insider, Evan Britton of Sency described how Twitter controls the topics that appear as “Trending Topics”, in what he calls “Trend Curation”. He also offers examples of the Twitter community subverting Twitter’s efforts to keep their trends at the top. For example, he explains how fans […]

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Pros and Cons of Deloitte’s Healthcare Social Media PoV

Deloitte recently published a paper describing the issues faced by healthcare companies in using social media to support their businesses. The paper succinctly summarizes the issues, but misses any solutions for healthcare providers. So, I’d like to list a few solutions to the challenges that Deloitte presents, as follows: Text Data Mining for Adverse Event […]

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