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Using Employees to Demo Your Products. Brilliant!

Sabrina Stoffregen has been running Intel’s employee advocacy program globally, since its inception. She brings amazing perspective as the leader of a program that is far ahead of most programs in this space. We are very lucky to have her sharing lessons from her program at the September 15 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta. Below […]

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Interview With Employee Advocacy Summit Speaker: Liz Bullock

At the 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta this September, Liz Bullock will share lessons, methods and cases from some of the world’s largest employee advocacy deployments. She worked on social programs at Dell for 3 years and now runs a consultancy called the Social Arts and Science Institute, which helps large brands train employees […]

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Why You Need to Implement Google Author Rank Now

Right around the same time that Google+ was introduced in June 2011, Google formally announced the Google authorship program, where authors could link their content to a Google+ profile and identify it to Google in search rankings. But the idea of ranking Internet authors actually goes back much further, according to Mark Traphagen, director of […]

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Fill Your Company With People Who the World Needs to Hear From

This excerpt from a conversation between Seth Godin and Mitch Joel explains what I believe to be part of the rationale for companies to empower employees and partners in social media. And why employees should seek to develop their own professional presence in social media, for the benefit of the employee and the brand.

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4 Ways to Stay Relevant as Social Media Go More Mainstream

As social media mature in business, companies are investing more money and resources into social media, but social media people and activities are gradually being subsumed into existing business functions. For example, social customer care teams are starting to lose their headcount, as resources are being moved from pure social customer care into companies’ contact centers — where brands can more easily integrate customer interactions, across all channels.

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How Marketers Can Evolve From Owning to Empowering

Bill Gate Think Weeks Steve Jobs – zen meditation, stop responding to all that is coming in Success seen as money and power — 2-legged stool. 3rd metric of success: well-being. Space. Silence. Giving back. Give me a place to stand, and I can move the world. We are moving into a place where marketing […]

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The Key to Actionable Insights: And an Approach That Works

Since the dawn of social media listening, tool vendors have claimed that, unlike all of their competitors, THEIR tool can provide the actionable insights that you so desperately crave. But it simply is not true. Perhaps their tool, combined with skilled people, can do the trick. But the answer to your desire for actionable insights can never be solved by any tool alone.

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