4 Priorities for Brands Improving the Customer Experience

Below are the four ideas suggested by panelists in the Next-Generation Customer Experience panel at Constellation Connected Enterprise 2013, when given 30 seconds to state 1 thing that brands should do to improve customer service or customer care:
(1) Benchmark Yourself: against your best channel, all the way through — maybe its face-to-face or in-store, and you need to make all channels that strong. Be a silo-killer between departments, technologies, people. (James Norwood)

(2) Knowledge Strategy: have a place where customers and agents can find the right answers. And giev customers a choice in contacting you. Choice gives rise to a good experience. (Nikhil Govindaraj)

(3) Understand where customers prefer to go, and more importantly, ensure you are able to handle and respond to all these channels. (Duke Chung)

(4) Track every interaction: Understand the value that each person brings to you, regardless of which channel they are in. People may reach out to you on Twitter, and may not have many followers today, but store that in the interaction record. You might not use it today, but you may need it tomorrow. Or, in the switching economy, you may need it to know why people switched. (Joe Hughes)

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