Expertise Locators Should Infer Expertise, Don’t Make People Maintain a Profile

Many organizations deploy an expertise locator tool within their social business program, but few employees use them because (1) the benefits do not outweigh the work of maintaining a profile, and (2) self-maintained expertise profiles are usually inflated and inaccurate. Therefore, people rely on personal networks within their organization to know who to call when they need something.

That is now changing.

Social business applications encourage people to bring into the enterprise system (1) their work activity and (2) the conversations that contribute to the evolution of their work products. As a result, internal social business platforms with enough user adoption now have the data required to infer expertise from the work that employees do within the system. We don’t need people to maintain profiles about their expertise; instead, tools observe the work they do, and the content they create, and the extent to which others interact with them and their content, to derive their expertise automatically.

Of course, even with all of that data at your disposal, design and implementation make all the difference.

UPDATE: The pig is searching for truffles, for those who have asked…

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