Announcing New Software Buying Guide: Social Employee Enablement and Employee Advocacy Software

With so many companies now investing in programs to empower their employees as brand advocates in social media, the number of software vendors pitching the space is increasing quickly. To help you understand the vendors in this space, we are publishing analyses of those software vendors.
The research will be published in November, the current list of vendors is below. To suggest a vendor, please send us a note.

This will be a living database of profiles and evaluations, with regular updates. You can get email notifications when it launches by subscribing below.

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We will analyze these vendors across various functions, including: engagement, amplification, analytics, content management, and collaboration, to name a few.

The technologies and vendors change all the time, so we decided not to publish a PDF report whose contents grow stale very quickly. Instead, this page will contain a living database of the technology vendors that support social employee programs (also sometimes called employee advocacy). We will include descriptions of each vendor, the features they include, and their strengths or needs, relative to the rest of the field.

We will update the database as vendors change their offerings over time, so we suggest subscribing to the email list, where we will update you when we make significant updates to the database. Significant updates include: adding or removing a vendor, or changing our assessment of a vendor. We promise not share your address with anyone else:

Preliminary Vendor List

  • Actiance
  • Addvocate
  • Amplifinity
  • Clarabridge Engage
  • Dachis Group
  • Dynamic Signal
  • EveryoneSocial
  • GaggleAmp
  • Hearsay Social
  • Meddle
  • Smarsh
  • Social Chorus
  • Socialware
  • Spredfast
  • Sprinklr
  • Thinkup
  • VoiceStorm

Categories we are deliberately excluding (but we could be convinced to add, if you would like to help us understand why we should add them):

  1. Listening or Monitoring — unless they focus on listening to employees or monitoring employees.
  2. Social Collaboration, such as Jive, Chatter, Yammer, IBM Connections. While these tools can be built into a solution that supports empowerment of employees in external social media, they do not explicitly offer features that help to empower employees in external social media.
  3. Performance Utilities: These are usually single-function tools or apps that offer to make your social media activity achieve greater impact, such as telling you the best times to tweet. While we use some of these kids of tools ourselves, choosing them is typically not a significant investment decision, and that decision is usually taken by employees individually, rather than on behalf of an entire program of employees.
  4. Influence Score Vendors: we don’t find such tools useful for empowering employees in social media. For our rationale, see Chapter 4 in our book, The Most Powerful Brand on Earth.
  5. Gamification Platforms: Like collaboration platforms, these may be part of a larger employee enablement solution, but do not focus on functions that enable employees in social media, explicitly.

To suggest additional vendors, please send us a note or comment on this post.

The database will be available on this page.

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