Most B2B Brands Producing More Content – Are They Using Social Employees?

Marketing Profs recently found that more than 70% of B2B brands increased the amount of content they produce for marketing, over the past twelve months. But I wonder, how many of those B2B brands:

  • … are empowering employees to produce content, to build relationships with greater diversity in the market, and to outpace competitors?
  • … understand the amount of content produced by employees?
  • … measure business outcomes from content produced by employees?
  • … proactively coach employees to grow their online influence?

Many B2B brands find it extremely efficient and compelling to empower employees in social media, and relieve the burden on their marketing teams — which are small in comparison.

In three years, the brands who do not empower employees in social media will be like brands who did not have web sites in the year 2000.

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