Employee Advocacy Summit: Laws and Regulations That You Need to Know

Jim Dudukovich, a lawyer from The Coca-Cola Company, gives a rare glimpse into the world where social media and law intersect.  He brings simplicity and clarity to a number of issues that arise when planning an employee advocacy program.

Notes from the Laws and Regulations That You Need to Know session at the Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta, GA on September 15, 2014.  This is one of a series of posts recapping the day and key comments from speakers and guests.


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Jim Dudukovich
Senior Marketing, Digital & Social Media Counsel, The Coca-Cola Company


When creating an EA program, there are going to be a wide variety legal issues that are going to rise.  There are going to be issues with clear lines of distinction of what’s possible for employees/employers to do, as well as those in a gray area.  HR/Comms/Legal/Marketing/Etc… need to work together on clarity for advocates in the program.

Legal Issues to Keep in Mind:

  • Transparency
  • Factual accuracy
  • Honesty
  • Mandatory vs. optional
  • Protected activity

Designing a Social Media Policy

Social media policies can’t be designed in a vacuum and can’t be written it stone.  Know going into creating it that it’s going to change.  Don’t let marketing write it alone.  Don’t let legal write it alone.  Don’t let HR write it alone.  A successful policy not only needs to be “instructive and comprehensible” but also a team effort.  The only thing that’s worse then having no policy, is having a bad policy.  It should lay out a high level the things employees need to think about.

“Go to the scene.”

You’ll never learn everything you need to know about social media unless you’re involved in it.  All departments that may be involved in creating a social policy or EA program, including legal, need to be well versed in social media.  There are complex issues that may arise from an EA program, so legal departments must have credibility with those involved in managing an EA program.


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