Implementing Google Author for Employee Advocates on Multi-Author Sites

If you’re running an employee advocacy program, and you have multiple employees writing on one site — for example, one site with multiple bloggers — it can be very difficult to get Google to display author photos and snippets in organic search results. It matters because results with author photos get more clicks than results without the photos. The image below shows an example.

Ruth Burr of SEO Moz recently shared tips for getting Google Author to work when you have multiple people writing on one web site — such as multiple employees blogging for brand advocacy.

Tips for Making Google Author Work

  • You can’t always trust the Google validator tool. Check your SERPs (in an incognito window or with personalization turned off) to be sure.
  • Google takes any instance of “by (person’s name)” seriously, including when a post is “updated by (person’s name)”. If you’re getting the wrong author snippet, check for that first.
  • Adding nicknames in Google+ is much less effective than using your real name. Wherever possible, use real first and last names to get author snippets in organic search results.
  • For more on troubleshooting authorship, read Mark Traphagen’s post from last year.

Ruth goes into more detail, including tactics she tried which didn’t work, on her blog post.

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