Your Employee Advocacy Program Needs a Plan for Negative Posts

If your employee advocates encounter a negative post about your brand, would they know how to handle it?

  • Certainly, the first step in ensuring that your employees are prepared, is to ensure that your professional communicators are prepared. So, make a plan that thoughtfully incorporates your marketers, PR and your employee advocates, before negative posts come your way.
  • Include in the channel guidelines what’s the expected behavior for employees when they find negative (or any kind) of postings, and what kind of postings are already addressed by dedicated teams; for an example, see Walmart’s guidelines for associates.
  • Create a comment policy and make it visible on your blog and social media profiles.
  • Define the kind of language or comments that are unacceptable and may cause users to be blocked from your community.
  • Specify whom the employees/advocates should alert or contact when they find a comment.
  • Then, ensure that your employee advocates are familiar with the standards that you publish in your branded communities and accounts. If nothing else, it will help them know when to alert you to posts or conversations that may requires your attention. This is especially true in velvet rope communities, where your monitoring tools can’t get in.

In general, your employee advocates will be more confident and active when they understand the boundaries, and they feel safe to engage or share on behalf of the brand.

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