Are You Ready for College Grads Who Won’t Work Where Social Media Are Banned?

In a speech to summer interns at Microsoft, David Meerman Scott suggested that anyone interested in Marketing or Communications simply decline to work at any company that bans social media use by employees.

Before readers who work in pharma or investments industries get too excited, David sits on our Advisory Board at Converseon, and I know he understands the realities of regulated industries. He worked in the investment business for years. He simply believes that the most talented people coming out of college today can choose to work at companies that let them communicate in the channels where they live and breathe every day: social and mobile.

David also cites a recent study of 3,000 international college students and recent grads, by Cisco, which found that:

  • More than two in five would accept a lower-paying job that had more flexibility with regard to device choice, social media access, and mobility than a higher-paying job with less flexibility.
  • One in three consider the Internet to be as important as air, water, food, and shelter.

You can see David respond to questions from one of the interns here:

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