Data You Can Gather Through Social Sign-on

B2B and B2C marketers are using social sign-on features to gather more data about the people who engage with their web properties — for example, letting people complete a lead-gen form or contest submission by logging-in with their Facebook or LinkedIn ID.

But a lot of marketers do not understand the data that is available through social sign-on, so Eloqua created a simple graphic to show the types of data that are available to a marketer when visitors use their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn credentials to access an offer, shown below:


Facebook provides the fewest data fields, but they could be more valuable than what Twitter returns, depending on your objectives.

LinkedIn offers the most data, which is typically most useful to B2B marketers.

In addition to considering the potential benefits of social sign-on, remember to check your brand’s guidelines for gathering and using social data. And, if you are the executive responsible for social media governance, be sure to connect with your teammates in IT and ensure appropriate integration with your enterprise data governance.

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