Gen Y Is Changing the B-to-B Sales Process

Target Marketing Magazine has a great article describing how the folks in Generation Y are impacting B2B marketing. CocoonThey are now in their 30s, and they are key players in many buying decisions. As Liz Brohan of Colman Brohan Davis said, “They’re the ones that do all the research, write up the report and provide recommendations to their bosses and beyond”, and they require significantly more online marketing than their predecessors. Key points from the article include:
  • Only four out of the 13 tools they use to research products and services are traditional media.
  • Use of social networks to research products increased 152 percent year-over-year.
  • They expect that companies should put everything on their websites.
  • While traditional media are waning, they are still important (e.g., direct mail).
  • Permission-based email works; spam does not.
  • Companies’ marketing mixes need to be highly integrated.

In sum, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to research

Thanks to Craig Daitch for the tip!

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