Pros and Cons of Deloitte’s Healthcare Social Media PoV

Deloitte recently published a paper describing the issues faced by healthcare companies in using social media to support their businesses. The paper succinctly summarizes the issues, but misses any solutions for healthcare providers. So, I’d like to list a few solutions to the challenges that Deloitte presents, as follows:

  • Text Data Mining for Adverse Event Processing: At least one very large healthcare provider is using text data mining solutions to dramatically decrease the effort required to process inbound emails for identification of adverse events. Reading emails from customers is a manual process in most companies, and text data mining solutions now enable automation with reliability that satisfies FDA requirements.
  • Mixed Results of Physician Communities: Online communities for physicians, such as Sermo, have been challenged to consistently engage physicians due to concerns about HIPAA.
  • Conversation Mining: Social media listening platforms do not have access to private communities, such as Sermo. Therefore, healthcare providers seeking to engage in conversations within communities such as Sermo must work with listening platform providers like Converseon to jointly obtain conversation data that can be used to engage providers within their private communities.
  • Offline Conversations: A significant portion of relevant conversations among healthcare providers occur offline. Healthcare companies who want to engage providers must determine a strategy that integrates offline and online capabilities for listening and engaging.

Converseon has been working with a number of leading global healthcare companies to determine and execute social media strategies for the past few years. If you’d like to know more, contact me any time.

I am an executive at Converseon where I help clients define and execute social media strategies and tactics.

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