Social Media Forecast to Support 1/3 of Customer Issues in 2011

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) recently published the chart below, which indicates that their member organizations are increasing the portion of customer issues addressed via social media.

Share of Customer Issues by Customer Service Channel

First, it is interesting to see that companies have largely achieved the widely-held objective of migrating interactions from phone to lower cost channels, such as email, chat, self-service and community.

Second, when we consider the facts that (1) community is largely considered to be a domain of social media, and that (2) significant portions of self-service will be supported or enabled by social media in the future, we see that a third of customer issues could be addressed by some form of social media by 2011.

In the chart, social media, community and self-service appear to sum to approximately 50% of issues, but a large portion of self-service will not be supported by social media, so a total of one-third of all customer issues seems reasonable.

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