Social Media Policies Needed More for Managers Than Employees

While nearly every organization has a social media policy today, most social media policies ignore the greatest business risk to their organization from social media: managers. The simple reality is that landmark law suits or sanction brought against employers in the past couple of years have resulted from the actions of a manager, not an employee. For example:

In each of the above cases, managers broke the law and exposed their employer to significant costs and damage to their brands, in addition to personal prosecution, in some cases.

Too many executives and employers hold false assumptions about their powers over their employees, and every employer should proactively educate their managers about their boundaries as managers. Social media training should be part of basic Manager training, just like sexual harassment, bribery or discrimination content.

While I am not aware of any jurisdictions requiring such training for managers, it is clearly in the interest of any employer to take the lead and educate their managers.

All employers should actively educate their managers about the boundaries.

One Response to Social Media Policies Needed More for Managers Than Employees

  1. Eric Goldstein May 31, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Chris – an interesting read.  A unique view since much of the focus (and I think rightfully so) is on employee usage of Social Media – both professionally and personally.