When Can You Say “We Have a Social Media Strategy!”

Almost everyone I meet feels unsatisfied with their social media strategy, but they aren’t sure how to make it better. So I wrote this paper to provide six steps to develop a true social media strategy.
As I discuss social media strategy with leaders around the world, almost everyone feels that their social media strategy is either (a) inadequate or (b) does not exist. In addition, most of the folks I meet aren’t really sure how to determine a social media strategy that has broad consensus and engagement across teams including Marketing, Communications, PR, Customer Service, Product Development, HR, etc.

Further, many of the folks who feel they have a social media strategy actually don’t. They have a few superficial goals about increasing Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers, but they don’t have a clear strategy for increasing the value of the business through social media.

This paper outlines the following six tests that any social media strategy must pass. In order to be called a social media strategy, your plan must:

  1. Achieve measurable business outcomes
  2. Rest upon unique insights
  3. Specify where to engage (and where to not engage)
  4. Use your organization’s unique strengths
  5. Define internal changes required to achieve the strategy
  6. Belong to a team with the conviction to act on the strategy

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