Why You May Not Worry About Revenue Attribution Models

Eloqua recently published a study wherein they found that the majority of closed deals are only tied to one response. In those 2/3 of deals, attribution is clear (see chart below – click to enlarge).


As Dan Pecoraro stated:

“Sure, in some attribution models, maybe your 9th best campaign will look like your 11th best in another. But when it comes to good business decision making, the great campaigns will look like great campaigns, and the bad campaigns will look like bad campaigns, no matter which model you use.”

Most brands can get tremendous benefit from simply integrating measurement across their funnel, including paid media, social media, and web analytics.. Simply getting that picture in place will dramatically improve your investments across paid, owned and social media.

So, let us not distract ourselves with the 30% that is most difficult to solve completely. Instead, focus on measuring all of your media together. After all, it’s all one funnelTM.

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