Affluent Americans More Likely to Follow When Brand Mentioned in Article or Ad

Affluence Collaborative recently released data comparing the reasons that affluent Americans follow brands on social networks, compared to the general population. I indexed the data to create the chart below, and it looks like:

  • Affluent Americans are more prone to following a brand when the brand’s social account is mentioned in an article or ad.
  • Affluent Americans are far less likely than the general population to follow a brand for discounts or deals, or for entertainment value. Affluence Collaborative found that the general population tends to follow brands to get deals or discounts.
  • Affluent Americans are far more more likely to follow a brand based on professional interests, compared to the general population — which means that anyone hiring senior executives should consider opportunities for using the brand’s social accounts to support recruiting


You can review Affluent Collaborative’s raw data.

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