Always Start Your Product Demo With the Product Demo, Not Slides

I see a lot of product demo’s. A lot. And I never understand why product or sales teams begin their product demo with a series of slides explaining the problem, instead of starting with the product.

In general, if you have to explain the problem that you are solving, then you’re not presenting to a target customer. They scheduled time with you. let-me-startThey want to see the product. Your target customer should see the product and immediately see how it makes their life easier. You shouldn’t have to explain their own problems to them.

Please — whenever you are showing your product to a potential customer or alliance partner, begin your product demo with the product demo, and not slides about the product, or slides about the problem.

If you are presenting to an investor, you might need to explain the problem, although I would suggest that any investor who needs to have the problem explained is probably not the right investor for your product or company (unless it’s friends and family).

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