Knowledge Without Borders: New SCRM Technologies

If you run your Sales or CRM on, you know that Salesforce does not let you search the text fields in your lead, prospect or customer records, and that can be a big inconvenience. Attivio launched a demo video showing their integration with Salesforce that makes the Salesforce text fields searchable in real time.

Watch the last three minutes. That’s where you’ll see the difference versus other solutions. There are multiple videos on the page; click the video entitled “Social CRM and Sentiment Analysis”:

Here are a couple of use cases that could help you better utilize social media at scale with a solution that includes this technology:

1. Social Customer Support

Let’s say you have a team of folks responding to customer inquiries — maybe they are using the phone, maybe chat, or maybe they handle customer interactions on Twitter. When your team goes to answer a customer’s question, they currently rely on an internal knowledge base. That knowledge base costs money to maintain, and it doesn’t stay updated at the pace of all the online communities on the Web. As a result, the public web often contains better information than your internal knowledge base.

Deploy this technology to give your contact center agents one tool that brings the best and most current information to their fingertips, from internal and external sources. Seamlessly tie together your knowledge base and the social web. FYI — you still need a crawling solution to get bring the web data to Attivio for indexing and presentation to your agents.

2. Retail Omniscience

Let’s say you have a chain of retail stores that sell consumer electronics, and you know that your customers tend to research your products online before they come into the store to buy. If you’re like most retailers, your employee turnover probably makes it tough to train your employees to the point that they always know as much as – or more than – the well-researched customers who come to your store. You would like to be able to differentiate your store by having the most knowledgeable employees when compared to other places where consumers can buy the same products, but the turnover and pressures on your margins can make it tough.

Use Attivio to index all of your product information from your internal systems, then use a web crawling service — Radian6 or Techrigy, for example –- to bring you the best information about your products from around the web. Let Attivio index all of that data, automatically categorize it, assess sentiment, and then provide the latest knowledge to your retail staff through a daily update of the latest information on the products they support. Or, expose the aggregated and searchable information to customers in a kiosk. You will quickly become THE place to go when customers want to buy from the most knowledgeable retailer available.

If you would like to kick around ideas forusing these technologies in your organization, contact me any time.

I work at Accenture where my team partners with all of the vendors listed in this article.

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  1. Gerald David April 16, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    This sounds impressive Chris. Viewed demos and asked for white paper. Do you have a sense of complexity, time, expense of integration?


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